About us

There’s a certain warmth that Kim and our stylists emanate and we want to bring that warmth into all of our salons. We make sure that when you go into any of our salons that you are treated not as if it’s a privilege for you to be there, but rather it’s a privilege for us to be serving you and giving you a the best luxurious treatment. As Kim likes to say, when he hugs his clients, it has to be heart-to-heart!

We say “Approachable Luxury” because we really want to give the highest quality of service and we want to make our clients feel comfortable. We strived to create a space where our clients feel welcomed. Kim Vo, being a refuge from Vietnam, wanted to surround himself with a group of people that truly appreciated him.  It was always his goal to create a space that was high-end and an environment that treated you not only like a human being, but like everybody else, a place where everyone knows your name no matter if you’re a celebrity, a mom or a daughter. That is why he opened up a new location on Robertson, to have that bungalow feeling, that home away from home. Kim wanted to create a space where his clients feel like they could rest, be safe and leave beautiful and satisfied at the end.

Meet our partners



One of Kim’s favorite moments in life was when Vogue magazine voted him the best blonder in the business. To Kim it’s all about being an artist and really delving deep into transforming his client into that magical blonde that they wanted to be. One of his first blondes was Pamela Anderson, long ago in those Bay-Watch years. Since then, he’s worked with many clients like Heather Locklear, Morgan Fairchild, Brittney Spears and many more. Through these celebrities, Kim got the reputation of being the best “Blonder” in the industry.

Kim Vo has been doing reality makeovers for over 10 years! You can see him today on Excess Hollywood, where he does Makeovers Live each month.



Adeel has been a celebrity stylist for many years now. He’s styled celebrities like Mischa Barton, Torri Spelling, Amanda Bynes, Janel Parrish, Delta Goodrem and many more. Although he’s known for styling his clients for red carpet events and TV, Adeel wants to take his knowledge of fashion and combine it with Kim’s expertise of hair and beauty, to bring that same “Celebrity Treatment” to their private clientele. Together they strive to understand what their client wants and to never say no, but rather figure out how to get it done!