Welcome To our salon

VOGUE has hailed him as “Best Blonder in the Business”, Kim Vo is celebrated for his glamorous blonde techniques. Teri Hatcher, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and Pamela Anderson are just some of this famous clients. Kim Vo was born in Vietnam, educated in Europe and perfected his colouration and styling skills first at The Spot in New York, and later at Cristophe and Prive in Beverly Hills, before opening his own salon in the city of angels.

A highly curated experience with world-class servicer provided by an outstanding team of talent is what makes Vō and his namesake salon a modern legend. “Approachable luxury is our theme.” Vō muses. “Our goal is to be a home away from home where you can have our house drink, the “MoscowCha-Mule” (ginger ale with chardonnay and club soda) while we give you great hair. Our freshly re-branded look and mindset will be showcased at our beautiful new Kim Vō Salon.