Behind the Scenes with Kim Vo


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"Long ago, I broke down in my mind what a specialist is-and what I came up with is someone who can explain things in understandable terms," he says.  "While some people are wired to think in terms of consultations, my brain is wired to think in soundbites."

That innate ability proved to be the foundation for his meteoric media rise, but Vo has come to realize the roots of that ability began in childhood. With a mother who was a manicurist, Vo started developing a working understanding of the beauty business long before he started learning English at the age of nine. "At the beginning of my career, I was still working on English. When people would explain things to me, sometimes they'd get very complicated," he explains. "I learned to break down the information into simpler terms, which in turn, helped me be able to explain things in simpler terms."

Don't ask Kim Vō to do something half way. Described as "the best blonder in the business" he is also one of the most committed. When preparing to launch BLONDME by Schwarzkkopf Professional (for which he is acting as Ambassador) Vo concieved and created an event that took elements of today--Victoria's Secret, Luis Vuitton--and combined it with inspiring beauty icons of the past--Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn--for a thorougly modern, very theatrical and sexy mix.

Called “Proper to Pin-Up,” original costumes were designed by longtime Vō collaborator, stylist Julian Barcellz, and each represented one of the toners in the BLONDME line. As directed by Vo, the models would appear first in prim, feminine dresses, their long-hair gathered in faux bobs. Then, because as Vō says, "we all have two sides to us" they pull their pins and fling off their frocks to reveal vintage-inspired lingerie and loose, flowing locks.

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